Frequently Asked Questions.

Why does the Little Bishop only come in white?

As paint colours vary greatly worldwide, it is up to you to colour it to your liking.

With it's matt, bright white undercoat the Little Bishop is ready for painting to match the colour of your interior, or can be left as is for a crisp white finish.

What type of ceiling can the Little Bishop be used on?

With the right ceiling plug, you can install the Little Bishop into any flat, horizontal surface. Concrete and timber and the most popular alternatives and will require a trip to the hardware to obtain the appropriate ceiling plug.

The Little Bishop comes with a complimentary plasterboard (or drywall) ceiling plug.

Which shipping carrier do you use?

Australia Post is our preferred postal service for small orders. Advised shipping times for most areas is generally 7-10 business days.

Where does the Little Bishop ship to?

The Little Bishop ships Worldwide! Shipping costs are kept reasonable to cover all areas of the globe. Please consider that as a continent, Australia suffers from the "tyranny of distance", so shipping times and costs may be a little more than what you are used to if shopping from overseas.

Why is my order late?

Delays most often occurring due to local postal services. Experience has shown that some postal services can be far less than optimal. Most orders arrive within the estimated shipping times, however some orders can be held up – usually for two to three weeks in addition to the advised shipping time. Ask at your local post office to see if they can track it better.

Your order is generally processed (packaged and shipped) well within 2 business days after you initially place it.